About us

Evangelical Lutheran Diakonia - the gospel of the hands


The Evangelical Lutheran Diakonia is the charity service of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Hungary. The diaconal work is controlled by the National Office’s Deacon Department and the Deacon Committee, while the employees working in Diakonia are liable for their work personally too. The main focus of our work is the elderly and disabled care. 2,000 of our employees in more than 40 nursing homes take care for around 8000 people who seek living space, security, and resting point in our institutions. Our colleagues’ service is supplemented by the work of volunteers of the congregations nationwide.

Our work is based on the universal Christian foundation where the fundamental role is the relationship between God and man. The three basic goals are: sense of vocation – as the result of Christian life -, professional work and responsible management. Keeping our existing values​, we extend our activity to the whole society in close contact with other branches of the church.

We assign a key role in our service to families, communities, congregations, meanwhile  love, responsibility and solidarity is essential. We strive to present trust, continuity, innovation, renewal and hope in our work. In the Evangelical Diakonia we are promoting a comprehensive, modern, complementary way of life to the people suffering in various crisis situations.

Continous training of our staff is one of the most important element of our commitment to the highest quality of work. We are relentlessly busy in improving our service in terms of each aspect of our professional activity. A recently started series of intensive, personalized multi-sectoral training program and supervision helps our staff to raise further the quality of their work in order to provide an almost unique service to the people we shepherd and their relatives. We are co-operating with other Western European partner organizations – Germany, Finland, Italy and France - on various projects which developes the elderly care, and their best practices are also implemented. 

We are proud of the conscientious work carried out in our institutions. We appreciate any donation you make in order to support our further achievements.